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What Is Comparison?

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In “What Is Comparison? Methodological and Philosophical Considerations”, Reijo Raivola states that “Truth amounts to the subject’s interpretation of a problem he or she is faced with solving.” This statement which can be classified as the basic tenant of cultural relativism theory asks the read to consider whether truth and meaning are all concepts of relativity.

Although being culturally sensitive is of great importance, I feel that far too often especially between nations, it has been used far too often to justify mediocrity and at times atrocities. It is reminds me of yet another tiring excuse which relies on the “we are a developing country” to justify the right and wrong that are not depended on the economic level of a country.

I believe that regional and international organization such as UNESCO have grown out of this rebellion to cultural relativism and implicitly argue that even though differences should be respected, there are still ways to find common measurements and create ways to hold each other accountable.

Raivola, R. (1985). What is comparison? Methodological and philosophical considerations. Comparative Education Review, 362-374.

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