Tutaleni I. Asino
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Reflections on a global educational curriculum

Word count: 150

The opinions and definitions one adopts of globalization often depend on the effects it has had on an individual’s circumstances or culture. In many situations the narrative surrounding “globalization” is romanticized and presented as a way to a more equitable world or as a way for the “developing world” to become “developed”. The effects of globalization on all aspects of life are well documented and continue to be researched. There are cases on the effects of globalization to the educational industry, however, the question that seems at times implicit and at times avoided in the various arguments would be: Is a globalised educational curriculum an unavoidable eventuality? Could there come a day where all children across the world would be required to learn the same exact things? Or in cases of regional organizations such as SADC, EU, AU, NATO, UNASUL, ASEAN, and others, could regional educational curriculum one day become the norm?

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