Tutaleni I. Asino


Instructional Design Competencies Study

This study explores the issues, challenges, and emerging trends affecting instructional designers today. We are interesting in finding out if ID competencies have changed especially in light of new technologies and practices.


Popya: Using mobile phone for speaking and listening fluency.

We are working on a system that can allow users from places where English is not a native langue but is the language of instruction. Popya is a low-end, low-cost and an open-source Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which can be used to deliver English listening and speaking fluency practice activities to students and teachers.


Learners as designers

I agree with Victor Papanek (1971)’s argument that we are all we are all designers because design is a basic human activity that we engage in all the time. This is especially true when it comes to young children whose day is spent in all types of design activities that adults often refer to as “made up games”.


iPad in various contexts

I took an iPad with me while traveling to Namibia to do research on the use of mobile phones by students in Namibia. At the time of my trip, the iPad had just been released in the US and was not available internationally.


MLearning village
This blog details 2 research projects I worked on in July 2011 in Namibia.

Project 1: Adopting mLearning applications in education: The experience of Namibian Students and Teachers (with funding support from the Africana Research Centre and the Comparative International Education program).

Project 2: Exploring student’s experience with the iPod (with technology support from the Penn State Education Technology Services)


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