iPad art

Below are the pictures drawn by students at Nangombe Combined School using the iPad using the “Draw for iPad” program by Eric Sadun. Each class was divided into three groups where the groups had to agree on an idea of what they would like to draw and designate an artist. Each group had 3 minutes […]

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Broadband access: a legal right

This is not directly about the iPad but it is relevant to my adventure. A few postings ago, I shared a thought about ‘what if the Internet and access to it was a human right?’  Phil Tietjen from Penn State forwarded me this link about Finland being the first nation to makes broadband access a […]

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My alma mater…sort of

Located in the northern part of Namibia, Nangombe Combined School is a school that I attended when I was in standard five (currently grade 6 – after Namibia became a free country in 1990, we stopped using standards an changed to grades) before moving to Windhoek, the capital city.Basic stats for the school: School Name: […]

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