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Broadband access: a legal right

This is not directly about the iPad but it is relevant to my adventure.

A few postings ago, I shared a thought about ‘what if the Internet and access to it was a human right?’  Phil Tietjen from Penn State forwarded me this link about Finland being the first nation to makes broadband access a legal right for all its citizen. Here is the link – http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/web/07/01/finland.broadband/?fbid=Qn3FQn6fTdY

Imagine the ramification that this would have if more countries followed this example. From an educational technology and instructional systems standpoints, this could open up many prospects.

I think making internet or broadband a legal right would go along way in eliminating or bridging the digital divide. It may also further contribute to the improvement of education globably