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A visit to Moses Van Der Byl Primary School

12/08/2010 Namibia
MeeNdapanda.jpgMoses Van Der Byl Primary School is located in the Namibian capital city, Windhoek. My sister is a teacher at the school, and serves as the Head Of Department (HOD) for the math and science department.  She agreed to let me join her one day to see how students at the school would react to the iPad. The main reason was to see if there would be a different reaction from the school from that I had received at other schools given that by virtue of living in a city the students would be more exposed to modern technological advances.Basic Stats:

School Name: Moses Van Der Byl Primary School

Location: Katutura, Windhoek
Number of Students: 1400
Number of Teachers: 41
Number of Computers: Computers in the administrative offices
Grades: 1-7