Are we talking about the same thing?

The discourse of and around Learning, Design & Technology fascinates me. I am specifically referring to words that are sometimes taken as a given, globally understood and accepted when discussing education and technology. These conversations often remind me of a scene from the movie Rush Hour. I am interested shared meanings and understandings words that […]

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On conversations

I am concerned about the conversations we have the conversations we do not have and the conversations we are not having I am concerned about the student who is growing up as a victim the student who is being convinced by conversations that he is the victimizer I am concerned for the black child who […]

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Reflections on the CIES Conference Part 2

View image | CIES and Special Interest Groups During the CIES SIGs open houses a gentleman came to our table (the Indigenous Knowledge and the Academy – IKA), and remarked “I’m a member of your SIG. I registered and paid your dues”….I responded jokingly, ‘welcome home’…He asked “What can you do for me? What […]

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